Monday, January 18, 2010

A Blog for New Year

Our New year was incredibly celebrated with superb happiness. Dad bought a lechon (roasted pig), mom prepared salad, float and cakes, I made bbq, wifey bought an ice cream and the 13 fruits by my bro. As they say the 13 fruits are symbol of luck for money.

We celebrated the new year party in my grannies house, my grannies were gone.

The party lasted until the morning together with my neighbours and cousins Eunice and Brian.

We went to the beach and their in the evening wifey was mad coz i blacked out, too drunk.

The following day, i got up trying to remember what happened, the last thing i remebered was i was mad because my car did not start. And right there in the driver's seat i slept.. Somebody drove us home.

It is indeed the year of the roaring metal tiger, thou i blacked out on January 1, still my optimism to have a good year, my energy,are high.

High hopes and hopefully like a tiger as it roars, its gonna be all the luck I wanted.

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