Sunday, October 25, 2009

Cherryl Wiser?

Cherryl Wiser for short is Che.

She was with us last time we were in Tagum to celebrate wifey's dad's death anniversary.

That night, we had some drink at C5 Tagum. As I mentioned in my previous blog.

We had several bottles of beer, Cherryl was telling her bloopers in call center where she is presently employed.

She is now a sales agent for at&t which is based only in Los Angeles, CA.

She calls customer to purchase or extend their contract with the company in exchange for new phone for free.

Then she got a call, and she was reading all the script which is very verbatim.

One customer she called was frustrated with her accent and the service too.

The customer asked for her name.

Customer: "What is your name?"
Che: "Cherryl sir."
Customer: "Your last name?"
Che: "Why sir?"
Customer: "Why sir? OH I see Wiser."

Che was confused on what the customer was telling about her name.

Customer: "Oh I see, Cherryl Wiser (irate) I would like to talk to your supervisor."

Cherryl: "Without hesitation dropped the call."

Another blooper of Cherryl Wiser. She actually asked what the customer meant.

While she was delivering her script the customer asked.

Customer: "I would like you to put me off from this phone"
Che: "sure" then she continued reading the script.

Customer: "I would like you to put me off from this phone" for the second time.
Che: "its okey sir I can actually give you a free phone"

Customer: " for the third time I would like you to put me off from this phone, this is bullshit, because you cannot understand simple fuckin english, give me your manager"

Che: "Okay bye" she was confident telling bye but the truth was she really did not understand what the customer meant.

LOL, that's why she asked me. As I understood it, it was simply ending the call, but it was absurd because the customer can end the call by himself.

Hilarious isn't it?

I was also in a Call Centre Industry several times. This type of call made my every shifts toxic yet funny.

Death Anniversary

Wifey's dad passed away last year and its his first death anniversary.

Wifey went home to her hometown Tagum City where she was born and grew.

She asked Manang Linda our maid to accompany her to her place.

She wanted Nang Linda to help them clean the house.

Day before Oct. 19 they went home together.

I cannot accompany wifey because no one will be home and I will be attending a semester end party in the afternoon.

That was Oct. 19 the death anniversary, I drove all by myself to their house in Tagum, It was very unfortunate because I was not able to attend the prayer in the cemetery also the prayer at home.

I arrived so late, as they say "better late than never".
When I got there, it was very timely because dinner was laready served.

After the dinner we went somewhere to have some drinks with wifey's friend Cheryl Wiser.( I'll be disclosing in my next bloog why thy name).

We had some drinks at C5 Tagum.

The place was very similar to C5s in Davao City.

The difference was the people around. They were lesser in terms of sophistication.

The night was cool and we went home after we dropped Che at her sisters house.

We arrived in wifey's house at around 1 AM.

Ai was still awake wehen we got home.(wifey's elder sister)

I had some nightmare. Very violent nightmare which scared me a lot.

I woke up around 3 AM because of the volently scary nighmare. I woke up wfey because i wanna pee and i won't deny the fact that i'm scared in their house, i asked here to accompany me to the CR.

We woke up late.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Killing The Time

It is a nature of us Filipinos to have many activities which would consume our spare time.

Karaoke singing which we share most of the time with our fellas, friends, relatives and families is one.

Going somewhere in the midst of nature like fresh water resorts, beaches, forests and the likes, which are very ideal celebrations of nature with friends and love ones.

I have done mostly of the typical things that we Pinoy enjoyed during leisure time.

I have just known how to play the so called "TONG-ITS".

Nang Linda taught me how.

Zone, Special, with same characters. One has to have thirteen cards and the other/s twelve.

Since las tweek I spent sleepless nights just to play this card game together with dad's buddies and wifey.

So, I have added this as an avenue to kill time.(superficially killing the time)

I have gone through the semester end party at the Forest Hills in bangkal, davao City.

I have noticed people in our neighbour cottage were playing "TONG-ITS"

I don't know why it is called as such, but one thing is clear.....

It is a way to spend leisure hours.

while playing "tong-its"

Friday, October 16, 2009

Semester is over

I came home almost 8PM exhausted after the four exams.

Yes, that's right semester is over and I'm happy.

I will be missing teachers and classmates.

I am hoping that all the five subjects will be passed.

I'll be earning 15 units if very fortunate.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Final Exam Day

While writing this blog entry, I am preparing my self for the exam.

After taking lunch I will be going to school to take 4 exams.

Hopefully things will go through in my favor.

Hopefully I will pass all my subjects this semester after committing many absences.

I am so thankful to my teachers for being so lenient with my attendance.

I will be missing some of my classmates, specially in one subject which they usually asked me to make a script for our group. "kahalayan Script" "China" and the "Drug Addiction Script"


We are together for more than a 2 years now, my wifey.

We have never used contraception.

Things just happened in no timing which we had regrets of what happened.

We were hoping since then to have a baby but until now we have not given, yet we are hoping.

She is delayed in her cycle now and we are hoping that it will push through....her pregnancy.

I have been praying that anytime soon the gift of life will be given to us.

I have a son with my ex which she fully accepted since we started. I am now on the verge of thinking how to earn money for my son (GP), for us (wifey and me)and for my future family (wifey and my kids).

New Old Maid

Linda is her name.

When I was still in college taking my first course in Ateneo, Linda was our maid.

That was when my younger brother John was also here studying.

That was when I got home always drunk.

That was when i had several women to bring home.

That was when she always asked me "another girl"

One after the other,

And that was then, after she left and her grandson took over for more than a year Weng.

Those were my foolish days before I met wifey.

Now, after Weng left the house she (Linda) again took over after the death of her husband 3 months ago of complication.

She is now 59 and still vibrat thou I have noticed she is still grieving for the lost.

Here is Nang Linda.


Wifey and me went home in "bukid" my hometown.

I was absent again for couple of days as the final exam week was approaching.

It was also the opening day of another mini grocery branch of mom.

Our ancestral house is a-storey building with a space which can be used as a store which mom occupied now.

I was roaming around the place when wifey told me that she liked to bring and restore an old box "baul" which I think was very old.

After two days of taking in charge of the new store, we decided to go home in Davao.

I brought the box here and have it cleaned. I used "papel de liha" (i dont know how it is called in English) to smoothen its surface and i painted it with natural varnish.

I did not know that wifey also brought the wood nude lady budha made in Bagiou. I can still remember when I was a kid that budha was already part of the house interior.

I cleaned it and painted it with natural varnish and here are the two antiques now.

Leche Flan

Yesterday we decided to cook "puto cheeze" and leche flan.

I chose to cook the easy leche flan while wifey baked her puto.

I was not sure if my procedure was right as long as I followed what I saw when Eunice was cooking about a week ago.

I separated egg yolks from egg whites.

I mixed egg yolks with sugar and evaporated milk.( some used condensed milk)

I melted 1 cup of sugar in a low heat.

I placed the mixture in a steamer and after 25 minutes its done this was how it looked.

Looking good thou imperfect.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

ROSE RED series

Wifey and me watched the series in 2 nights. A total of 25 videos.

Each video composed of 8-10 minutes a total of 250 minutes or more or less 4 hours.

Rose Red is written by Stephen King a popular author. The story was about Rose Red a dead cell.

I was thinking if what or who is Rose Red.

A house was constructed in 1900 and until now its is not considered finished.

There were a lot of story versions. Like it is taking souls of its victims and be part of the house. Ellen Limbowell for me is the Rose Red. She broke the heart of all the people she got because her heart was also broken. She vanished without any explanation and so with the other ladies. And the guys were mostly seen dead after a suicide or murdered.

There was a Psychic Professor who made a research about Rose Red, and she organized a group of Psychic to wake the dormant cell of Rose Red.

At the end her soul was also taken by Rose red and some of the team. Several characters survived.


When I got home from Ateneo to get my Honorable Dismissal, I turned on the television and its Wowowee time.

Willie was interviewing two male dancers and asked them about their motto in life.

One after the other Willie asked them.

"THE BEST ANSWER TO AN INSULT IS SILENCE" it was the firstime I heard of the motto.


Then he asked the guy from SGB "QUALITY IN EVERYTHING WE DO" customer service hahhahaha.

Then another one "GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME" very religious.

Arguing with my Teacher

We had a demo teaching thou I already knew about the processes of teaching but I have never taught any class aside fro the typical reporting.

Our group was the first to have a demo teaching earlier today.

My part was the daily routine in a typical classroom.

I started the demo with a prayer and checking of the attendance and had some chit chat regarding national issues.

Assuming that I had a class discussion regarding phonetics like the short and long "a" articulation or for some pronunciation, I had a short review and asked the whole class to pronounce as I pointed each word.

The calss responded positively and I ended it by saying "Teacher Michelle will be introducing new topic which is adjectives and the the various forms of adjectives.

After a while we finished the demo teaching and the ctriticing started the teacher ointed some lapses on our part. I accepted some of it not until the said "Why was it that the active review of Mr. Makisig did not appear in the objectives and blahblah"

I raised my hand to reason out about it but the teacher said "don't reason out"

My senses rised and my temper almost bursted saying " No no maam, I'd like to clarify that the review would necessarily be in the objectives.

She insisted" no the one written in the "objective" is another topic."

I argued firther "our objective is about adjectives and the review has its own objectives when it was discussed"

She lost in arguing beacuse my voice ws above hers. But she said "see your lesson plan"

I sat beside her and verify what she was talking about and shame on me, she was right but she was wrong when she said "objectives" instead of lesson plan.

"sorry" I said and she accepted it.

Thank God.

The next class with her another subject, she was nice and infact I told her that I will be absent on friday and I made a script for our group presentation, she okeyed.

" What are the possibilities of failing maam"

"Don't worry you are not failing"


Hot Seat

I have written a blog about the summon I received from the barangay regarding a child support.

The day came where I need to face them(her family) regarding my son.

I was in a hot seat indeed, I was anxious that day even I faced them with my parents.

I was so thankful that both parties were calm and we agreed to give 10, 000 PHP for two months as support, I felt embarrassed because its not me who's gonna give it but my parents.

They demanded I mean her father for a wedding which is very impossible but I agreed to have 2 months to discern about it.

I'm in the process of discenrning but I am very sure that my answer would be no, and I believe that my son's mom would also say no. Our concern is for our son not us.

I prayed so hard earlier when I attended a mass to enlighten me and them on this matter. I know what I want, who I love more, my wifey, and I know that she will be with me all throghout this adversity and challenge. I hope that all thats going to happen will be for the best for all of us, me and wifey, my son, the mother of my son and everyone involved.

Until now I am not okay I feel so fragile and stressed.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Drug Addiction Script

In one school, the LGU headed by the Sangguniang Kabataan Conducts a symposia regarding the legal and medical consequence of drugs.

Assuming that there a lot of Students in one National High School.


One police:
One Doctor:
One Addict before who will share his drug addiction story:
One has to act as an EMCEE:

MC: Students, to the employees, faculty and staff, ladies and gentlemen, Good Afternoon! We are indeed very lucky to have this annual symposia on illegal drugs.We thanks our local Government for this specially our SK Officials. We will have series of speakers who will be talking on the medical, legal and one will share his story on drugs. Without further a do our own Municipal health Officer will be giving us the medical Talk. Lets give him a round of applause.

Doctor: Thank you everyone, and its always nice to see all of your vibrant faces, full of hope and ambitions. My respect to our principal and teachers, maam,sir good morning. My btopic is about drug addiction, so ill be discussing with the very common at you age which is MARYJANE or the marijuana. Who among you here have seen a marijuana, or maryjane?common don't be shy!(no one raises hand except some teachers who confiscated marijuana and some adults)

This is marijuana assuming there is a projector: Cannabis, also known as marijuana is a drug.While many drugs clearly fall into the category of either stimulant, depressant, or hallucinogen, cannabis exhibits a mix of all properties, perhaps leaning the most towards hallucinogen or psychedelic properties, though with other effects quite pronounced as well. Though THC is typically considered the primary active component of the cannabis plant, various scientific studies have suggested that certain other cannabinoids like CBD may also play a significant role in its psychoactive effects.The smoking of cannabis is the most harmful method of consumption, as the inhalation of smoke from organic materials can cause various health problems.[34]

By comparison, studies on the vaporization of cannabis found that subjects were "only 40% as likely to report respiratory symptoms as users who do not vaporize, even when age, sex, cigarette use, and amount of cannabis consumed are controlled.

(note pwede nimo basahun pero kanang murag form of speech.)

MC. Thank you so much doctor: Our next speaker will be our very own chief of police Police inspector Tarpolano.

Police: Thank you everyone since we are running out of time: I will have the presentation shortly.

What is juvenile Justice?

The Juveniles are those children below 18 years old in the Philippines. 18 is the legal age. Now for the students mostly minor in this institution. So if you are caught you will be apprehended by the school and worst you will be charge of criminal act. But because you are minor , as the law provides psychological, emotional debriefing for you. But its not a permit that you can use marijuana. You will still have to undergo community service and worse you will stay in the DSWD for certain days months.

MC: Thank you sir, and now our last speaker will be Danny a drug addict then for his story.

Danny: Hi I am Danny 25 years old. I may look good now in your eyes because of the advocacy that I have joined and the many outreach program that I have attended, but when I was a high school student like you, full of hopes and vibrant energy to cope up with the adversities of life. My dream was to become a lawyer but it all changed the moment a friend introduced me Maryjane, I was wondering Who was Maryjane. Then he gave me a rolled paper like cigarette. I don't want to go every details because I tried to be called “cool” and that I feel belonged. I got addicted to it until all my grades fell like ax. I went home one day so weak and I got a fever, my parents never knew that I was into drugs until the doctor told them because I was hospitalized. Its not only Maryjane whom I met but almost all that made me so dependent with drugs. For 3 years I got addicted and I stopped schooling for two years because they entered me into a rehabilitation center . There I learned about all the negative effects and I picked up my broken pieces and continued studying until I graduated college, passed the board for social work. Now I'm working in DSWD working for children like me before.

Please don't do what I did because its really bad. I almost lost my dream to be a good citizen, to help and share. I was thinking why I got into it, maybe because this will be my mission to convince you not to be in drugs and convince those addict to reform themselves. I Thank my parents who were very supportive with my rehabilitation.

Monday, October 5, 2009

A refection on Special Children

We had assignment on SUCCESS STORIES OF CHILDREN WITH SPECIAL NEEDS. I came across this journal and made my reflection.

They say God only gives special kids to special people, and I really didn't think I was that special to get two of them! But my boys compliment each other well! Matthew keeps Justin physically active and mentally stimulated, and Justin aides Matthew's social abilities and really brings out his personality. They greet each other after school with big hugs - they are brothers AND best friends!!

My oldest son, Justin, is 5 ½ years old and has Down syndrome. He is in a Life Skills class this year, but after Christmas break he started integrating into regular kindergarten class for social times (centers, library, music, recess, etc.). This has helped both his speech and socialization. We just had his end of year ARD and I am very proud of several points. 1) He is scoring, on average, approximately a 4-year-old level academically. 2) He will remain in Life Skills as core class, but has been moved up to FIRST GRADE for inclusion opportunities. 3) Testing done indicated Justin scored 109 in SOCIAL SKILLS (normal range is 90 to 100). He is my social butterfly and everyone instantly falls in love with him. It is nice when I pick him up from school and several other kids from different classes run up to tell Justin "BYE." Everywhere we go, I see kids tapping there mom saying, "Momma, Momma - that's Justin!" He makes me very proud!

Outside of school, we are involved in Special Olympics. He has recently taken pictures on a police motorcycle to be used for fund-raising and at a law enforcement recruitment for personnel to participate in the annual "Torch Run." The Torch Run is law enforcement’s effort to support Special Olympics both personally and financially.

Justin and Matthew have learned to swim without any "floatie" assistance! They are even diving in the shallow end of the pool picking up objects off the bottom, and swimming greater distances underwater. They go swimming at least 2 or 3 times a day!

We have recently learned that Matthew has a high-functioning form of autism. Although doctors tried to initially account for Matthew's speech delay by having an older sibling with delays, we now know that is not true (and I never believed it anyway!) I do believe, however, that Justin's vibrant personality has helped Matthew have the social skills he does maintain. If it were not for Justin, I believe Matthew would be even more "closed." Academically, Matthew is very advanced. He just turned 4 and can already write and spell at least 10 words, can count to 30, and memorizes everything. I am VERY proud of the accomplishments of BOTH my boys!! - R.M., Port Neches, TX


My refelection

I would like to say that I was amazed reading the story. Thou the parents of Justin and Mathew was not that happy of having two special children but they never doubted that their children are amazing, and can do even more compared to normal children. It has captured my heart on the dedication of the parents and the acceptance of the classmates. Living in the society of not so much good when it comes to treating these children, would make me realize that somehow the acceptance and the respect and specially the love of parents coupled with the dedication of the teachers, can make a difference in making these children into an industrious people. As they say It’s never too late.

Never too late to care, never too late help, never too late to accept, never too late to love and never too late to late to teach. There are still a lot of them, they just need to be seen. As you see them look into their eyes you will see human real normal boy/girl inside them that just can't get out in the typical ways.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Kahalyan script

We were tasked to have a presentation in one Education subject which the Principles of Teaching.

Its about Sexual Harassment And Drug Addiction.

The first scene will be sexual harassment among teachers and students.

This is the script:

Scene 1:One student got a failing grade in one subject. Her teacher is Mr. Santos warned her about her status. Sheila the student set an appointment with the teacher in a his office.She entered the office and she close the door locked right after stepping into the room. It was late afternoon so lesser people in the campus.

Lady Student: She knocks the door and enter. There was Mr. Santos in his table. "Good Afternoon sir, may I come in" with flirting voice.

Mr. Santos: "Sure, come in and have seat"

Sheila: "Thank you sir" still flirtatious accent

Mr. Santos: "So what can I do for you Sheila?"

Sheila: "I am so worried about my status sir, you know I cant imagine to fail you subject, is there something that we could do to raise my grades to A+++" seducing the teacher.

Mr. Santos: "Sure, there is always a way Ms. Bagaman to raise your grade, you study harder, because you still have the final grading, its your chance.(taking a look at the class record) actually you need to get a final grade of 90 in the exam to pass my subject"

Sheila: "What I mean sir is is there something that we could do to raise my grade?"

Mr. Santos: "Okay I got your point, I'll be giving you a paper work which you will submit over the weekend, Make a research on the Success Stories of ADHD and make your reflection about it"

Sheila: "Will that project sir can raise my grade to A?"

Mr. Santos: " That's impossible Ms.Bagaman, the paper work will only help you pass my subject"

Sheila stands up and goes at the back of Mr. Santos and turned his chair fronting Ms. Bagaman, and almost kneel in the lap of Mr. Santos.

Mr. Santos: "Hey what are you doing Ms. Bagaman" (tulon laway)with a bit of hescitation.

Sheila: "I'm trying to raise my grade but I think I am raising something here"

End of the scene:

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Heroism During the Typhoon Ondoy (Ketsana)

Its been a week now since typhoon Ondoy international name Ketsana hit Manila and neighbouring provinces and municipalities.

Very sad and devastating truth for the Filipino people.

The aftermath; many were left homeless, many passed away, many have grieved for their lost, many have lost source of living and many are hungered, some showed heroism and even lost their lives to mention one (Noel Mar Magallanes) who saved many but unfortunate to save his'. These are few of the aftermath. Because of all these, many needed help.

The good thing about this is the unity shown by countrymen to their fellas. Many volunteered for the relief operations,the government tries its best to cater all the needs. The Sagip Kapamilya of ABS-CBN and the Kapuso Foundation.

Many have donated for help like money, used clothing and food packs. Neighbours shared houses.

The spirit of heroism in times of calamity like this is visible which means that Filipinos are kind and generous people.

We can say to the world how proud we are as Filipinos amidst the disaster.

Typhoon free Mindanao

Indeed we are very fortunate to have a typhoon free Mindanao.

Its very devastating seeing the death polls to have risen from single body recovery to multiple, its more than a hundred now. sad But true.

It is even painful to hear their stories, on how they survive and they are looking still for their love ones(family members).

Here in Mindanao, we have seldom experience a typhoon if not the so called ITCZ or the Inter Tropical Convergence Zone.

Because of the geographical location surrounded with mountainous landscape then it is less of a possibility to hit Mindanao, thou there some areas where typhoon rails.

Yes, we have no typhoon but what we have is WAR.

Peace in Mindanao.


Its about a month now since we started suppressing ourselves to food and drinks. The three times a day eating is cut down to its worst balance. We made a one day one eat routine.

Yes, there is a difference, i crave for more food thou i mange not to eat, if wifey would not just tell me to cook because she feels dizzy then I wont.

Sometimes breaking the rules would not mean failure. Its just controlling eating habit. We always compensate the dines which we have not eaten so its the same thou lesser food.

Discipline is all what it takes......

Hopefully after a couple of months we can get back to the cloud nine dilemma of getting into shape.

Manunulat (writer)

After being fascinated with the Vampire chronicles and the writer Anne Rice, i was thinking on the influence that she had in my mind.

The creativity that she has is so precious. Even with years, it cannot be vanished, it is legendary.

Now, What I have in mind is to write something similar (vampire) using the Philippines context and history. Its a challenge, I would always be a failure if I wont try or start it.

This blog entry is my very start. I'm thinking what year will I start, who will be my character? and who will make the first Filipino Vampire.

Will it be Lestat? Louies? Arman? Akasha? Or Some settlers has left their blood as if it runs through the blood.

Hopefully I can come up with an obra.

Hindi sumipot

Nakatanggap ako ng summone mula sa baranggay may complaint kasi sa akin for child support.

Lunes ng matanggap ko letter sgned by the BRGY. Captain ng barangay namin dito sa city.

Nagkataon din na nandito sa bahay si dad noong araw na yun kaya alam niya. Complaint ito mula sa aking ex-gf na naanakan ko.

Mahabang istorya na kung isususlat kopa. Basta ngayun dumating na kami sa puntong ganito.

Naka skedyul ito noong Miyerkules, September 30, 2008 at 9:00 AM. Maaga kaming gumising ni wifey kasi sasama din siya sa barabggay hall. Dumating din sina mom at dad para suportahan ako sa aking sitwasyun.

5 Minutes before 9:00 Am ay dumating na kami sa area subalit hindi pa dumadating ang complainant.

May lumabas mula sa hall at kinausap kami. Isang Kagawad ng baranggay. Alam na alam niya ang gagawin, babae si kagawad at madadal ito, practical siya sa life. Nakapag abroad na siya as entertainer sa Japan hanggang sa maisipan niyang tumakbo at nanalo naman siya.

After isang oras, hindi parin dumadating ang kabilang panig kaya pinauwi na kami. Hindi nangyari ang dialogue. pagdating namin sa bahay ay naghanda narin kaagad sina dad para makauwi sa bukid.

"itext mulang ako kung anu man ha" sabi ni dad at lumarga na ang sasakyan nila.

Huwebes Oct. 1 mga bandang alas nuwebe may dumating na messenger at hinatid ang another letter, reschedule for dialogue on Oct. 5 Monday. Dumating pala sila noong unang schedule subalit late na sila. Mga alas onse na sila dumating.

Sana maging okey ang dialogue ngayung Oct. 5. Wish me luck guys.

"Gusto kong maging vampire" wifey and me

Isang buong week na naming sinasagad ang youtub para sa mga movies on Vampire chronicles. Gusto namin ang mga bampira ni Anne Rice isang sikat na manunulat.

Mula kay Lestat, louie, pandora, arman, marios, akasha at marami pang iba...

Mula sa Interview with the vampire, dust till dawn, queen of the damned and many others.

Masyadong okey ang pagkakdala ni brad pitt sa louie na karakter at si Tom Cruise sa pagka Lestat, subalit si Townsend as lestat ay okey rin naman hangggang sa pagakatapos ng interviw with the vampire bigla kong sinabi na:

"Gusto kong maging one of them" polo

"ako din para di ako tumanda" wifey

Yung pagiging immortal at hindi pagtanda ang pinakagusto namin.

"Come out come out wherever you are"lestat

Jean "hi kuya"

Isang hapon habang ako ay nagyoyosi at naghihintay para sa aking next class sa harapan ng simbahan ng Sta. Ana ay may tatlong estudyante na nakaupo din sa kabilang mesa.

Dalawang babae at isang lalake. Di ako sigurado kung magsyota ba ang dalawa sa kanila.

Napansin ko habang hinihithit ko ang aking yosi na tinitingnan ako ng isang magandang estudyante. nag smile siya sa akin at ginantihan ko naman ito.

May tanong sa isip ko if anu ang ibig sabihin ng smile nyang yun. Ilang saglit pa naisip ko baka kaklase ko siya sa isang subject subalit hindi rin.

Mga 30 minutes na ako na nakatambay sa tindahang iyun may napansin akong dumaan na dalawang magagandang chix na dumaan sa harapan ko. Parehong sexy at maganda. Tiningnan ako ng isa at nagsmile ito sa akin. Lumingon ako baka may tao sa likuran ko eh wala naman.

Parang hilaw ang aking smile na naganti. HIndi ko sila kilala. Pero sa loob ko muntik na umandar ang aking pagka pabling. Feeling ko ang guapo ko that day.

Nung maka alis na ang dalawang bababe sa aking harapan tinitigan ko ulit ang unang chik na nagsmile sa akin, gumanti siya. With all her charm, tukso layuan mo ako.

Pagkalingun ko nakita ko ang pangalawang chik na nagsmile na malapit sa likuran ko, papalayu na ito sa akin. I know she wanted to approach me pero nakatalikod ako kaya umalis narin siya. Napansin ng unang chik ang mga tagpung iyun.

Kinabukasan the same time habang naglalakad pa ako papunta sa aking tambayan sa tapat ng simbahan nakasalubong ko ang pangalawang chick. matangkad, maputi at maganda ito. Hinawakan niya ang aking braso. sabay sabing "Hi Kuya" Napaisip ako at nawala ang mga tanung sa aking isipan. Kilala niya ako. "sino kanga?" Ako si jean yung anak ni _____ na linudhan sa kasal sa imung mommy"? Doon kopalang naalala na siya nga yung bata noon, patay na ang mama ni Jean dahil sa kidney trouble.

Nangumusta siya kay mommy daddy at utol. Naalala ko rin na niligawan yata ni utol noon, or crush niya....

Hanggang ngayun tuwing nagkakasalubong kami "hi Kuya"
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