Sunday, September 6, 2009

Philippines: September 7 and 21, 2009 are decalared Non-Working Holidays

"September 7 and 21, 2009 Philippine Non-Working Holidays: National Mourning Day of Erano Manalo and End of Ramadan

September 7 and 21, 2009 – President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo declared as special non-working holidays throughout the Philippines to pay attention to mourning of the late Iglesia Ni Cristo (INC) leader Bro. Eraño “Ka Erdie” Manalo and to commemorate Eid Al Firt or the End of Ramadan, the Islamic holy month of fasting, respectively.

In a press statement from Malacañang Palace, September 7, 2009 will be of observed as “national day of mourning” to honor the Iglesia ni Cristo’s executive minister Eraño Manalo, who passed away last Monday due to cardiopulmonary arrest. President Arroyo said that all government flags will be flown at half-mast for spiritual leader’s burial on Monday.

INC spokesman Bienvenido Santiago on Friday announced that “the interment of the late Brother Eraño G. Manalo, Executive Minister of the Church of Christ, will be held on September 7, 2009, Monday, 12:00 noon at the Tabernacle located near the Central Temple.” He also said that the interment will be held while awaiting the construction of the mausoleum to which the remains will be transferred. The said mausoleum is within the grounds of the Iglesia Ni Cristo Central Complex and will be built nearby the monument of the Ka Erdie’s father and Felix Manalo.

Meanwhile, the Philippine Air Lines (PAL) also announced last Friday that they will be offering special discounted tickets for those INC members abroad who want to pay their respect to Manalo. PAL Chairman Lucio Tan also paid his last respects to Manalo.

Meanwhile, September 21, 2009 is also declared as a non-working National Holiday in observance of Eid el Fitr or the End of Ramadan. It is a big and joyous celebration among our Muslim Communities which mark that the month of Ramadan is over.

Both September 7 and 21, 2009 non working holiday are Mondays. Philippine once again will experience 2 long weekend holidays." qouted whole article from:

Being saved for my two reports tomorrow is a great thing for me. But that does not mean I'm happy what caused it.

Personally I'd like to sympathize and extend my condolences to our brothers and sisters in INC. We will just pray for the repose of Ka-Ernie's soul. Haligi siya ng pananampalataya ng maraming Pinoy.

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  1. bat d nlng bukas matapos ramadan wahaha para ala pasok


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