Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Good to Ponder

Don't be afraid to examine your weaknesses. In them you'll find some of your greatest potential.
Certainly you can always make improvements to what you already do well. Yet at best, those will be incremental improvements.
Consider, though, what happens when you work on overcoming your weaknesses. The results in your life can be revolutionary.
In fact, transforming a weakness into a strength can make all your other strengths more effective. When the weakness is no longer holding you back, every part of your life will see the benefits.
Be thankful for your strengths. And be honest about your weaknesses.
For when you are clear about what you cannot yet do well, that's the first step to improvement. Any weakness can be transformed into strength when you simply have the courage to grow.

The results will come
Though each effort does not bring an immediate result, keep going. The results will come.
Every achievement requires many efforts. Those individual efforts combine with each other to bring the desired result.
So keep going. Keep adding one effort on top of the ones before it.
And all the while, learn. Learn what works and what does not, and adjust your efforts to become even more effective.
Keep going, keep learning, keep working and keep getting better. Every day, every effort brings you closer.
Persistence is the way you prove you really want it. Persist, and you will have it.

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