Wednesday, February 3, 2010

One Year in the Making

I cannot deny the fact that I reached one year in maintaining my blog site since you can see in my profile, I wrote articles, journals, descriptive plots about people I met, and events I encountered, horror stories and many others.
I am thankful, to consider my self not a ROOKIE anymore. I’ve read many blogs of other people; they do have some focused on what they wrote, some about politics, showbiz, campaigns, reactions, life’s journey, and people with illnesses, gay stories, survivor stories, sex stories, spiritual blogs, pictures and the likes.
My blog is nothing in particular, I love to write freely; without any format to follow, language free and sometime very candid stories.
The blog site I made is not that popular compared to other blog sites, but I am trying so hard to make it simple, colorful and not that boring thou some may find it one.
Now, that I have gone this far I will be very glad to write more of interesting people, events and close encounters. Its up for you what are those close encounters, it means a lot…..
For those who are opening my site every now and then and for those who followed it my heartfelt gratitude.

I wish you all ENOUGH!

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