Friday, August 7, 2009

Airport Blog (on my way to Davao)

I am in the airport in my return back to Davao. In my one week stay in Manila it’s not nice to say that I have not gone to any nightlife so I would say that this experience is a boring one. I arrived at the Centennial 2 NAIA 3 hours before my flight so I asked the guard before I checked in my stuff if the airport has a wifi zone and a smoking area, Affirmative). At least that would lessen my boredom here.
I am now in the smoking area at the same time a drinking lounge and I am having a beer now. I was shocked; too late did I know that the beer costs a hundred and fifty bucks. It’s the first time that I have this kind of beer It’s called Heinken.
This is how it looks. (picture to be uploaded)

I am trying to look now for a wifi zone and I have found that it has several laptop stations. Now I am writing this blog.
I take a picture of the sign card in my front which says; Exclusive for laptop users only.

This is how it looks.

Then a petite Flight Attendant who just came from the washroom is approaching into my direction and then she is in hurry them something falls, its her make up and sad to say that she broke it. She picks it up then she smiles at me. hahahaha


  1. mahirap talaga humanap signal wifi sa airport sa dami ng mag appear wala kang mapasukan dun.

    Kawawa naman yung petite na FA, eh anung brand naman kaya yun?haha

  2. baka na start strucked sayo yun kaya nabitiwan niya ang make up niya

  3. shoshonga shonga siguro

  4. hahaha, sayang yun kung mamahaling brand.nako ha bakit my smile?


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