Friday, August 7, 2009

They called me PIOLO, OMG!

We were waiting until the casts get back to their standby room. We stayed outside the building to wait until a classmate approached me and instead of them ( the stars) she wants to have a picture with me as if I’m a star too. I felt embarrassment because some of the people around were looking at me. Then another lady classmate of middle age also took a picture with me. Then another, then another. Then I walked out. I felt proud and a bit embarrassed of what they did but I thanked them, they lifted up my esteem an inch. They were calling me PIOLO instead of POLO OMG!

Here are some of the pictures.

They just told me that when somebody would be asking them who I am they would just tell them that I’m a star. Then they said that I looked similarly as them thou I need to vain a bit more. And diet a lot.


  1. okey kang yun bastat kamukha mo naman yun.

    English na ata ang entries mo ngayun?

  2. hahaha, pwede narin bastat kasig guapo at kasing sexy mo si piolo.

    nakita kona si piolo na star strucked ako , totoo pala na guapo yung piolo

  3. yucks of all people talaga , john lloyd nalang sana hahahaha.

  4. nice , okey lang un

  5. polo,, nice pics. sana magbago lang yunhairstyle mo. i like you with tapered cut or skinhead. My dating sya. magdiet lang. Mukha ka nang artista kapag ganun.moccajaya or rommel here.


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