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script sa presentation

Good morning everyone. Our group is tasked to report the Educational Ideology of The People's Republic of China. We have prepared scenes of comparison. We hope that you will learn something from us.

早晨好大家。 我们的小组分配报告中华人民共和国的教育思想体系。 我们准备了比较场面。 我们希望您将学会某事从我们。

zăo chén hăo dà jiā
wŏ men de xiăo zŭ fēn pèi bào gào Zhōng huá rén
mín gòng hé guó de jiào yù sīx xiăng tĭ xì
wŏ men zhŭn bèi le bĭ
jiào chăng miàn
wŏ men xī wàng nín jiāng xué huì mŏu shì cōng wŏ men

Attention guys: mao rani akong nahuna hunaan. Wala ko ugma sa klase iapil nalang ko sa attendance.

Ye shengtao transformed the old and traditional method of teaching, He brought a new idea to the Chinese educators, i.e. students should be taught the methods of learning, instead of the long and detailed content in books.


Scene 1. May mag act as a teacher among the members with at least 2 students. 3 members involve. Ang scne na ito ay ang old way sa china.

Teacher: alright class I want you to memorize the rules of confusious and read the articles about the Ming Dynasty. We will have a quiz on Monday, then we will discuss after. And see you on Monday.Bye.

Alis na si teacher.

Student 1: Grabe naman yung teacher natin noh? Bombarded na tayo masyado. Pero okey lang sanay na naman ako sa ganito.

Student 2: Ako, okey na memorize kuna teachings ni Confusius and nasimulan ko narin basahin.

(Explain: Ako na Polo)


At present or after matapos ang ganoong system. Ye presented a change and instead of the traditional way. Ito yun.


Scene 2:

Teacher: class, read the history and try to analyze what triggered the brutal tiannamen square massacre. Try to make a diagram on the events that took place during the era. Don’t need to memorize just take note some important points okey.

The following day:

Teacher: Good morning class, I assume that you have noted some important notes regarding the The Tiannamen Square Massacre.

Student 1: Its called in the US as the Tiannamen Square Massacre and called By the Chinese as the June fourth Massacre. It happened in Tiannamen Square o June 4, The people wanted to reform the political system which is the Chinese Communist Party.

Student 2: The people mourned the death of Hu Yaobang. resulting military response to the protesters by the PRC government left many civilians dead or severely injured. The number of deaths is not known and many different estimates exist.[3][4] * Nicholas D. Kristof of the New York Times estimated the death toll at 400-800 based on information he gathered from multiple medical sources.[4]

Student 3: Another maam, it has brought an effect to the world for it triggered the fall of Communist Parties in the world and many nations have given their sympathy including Philippines. The president in the Philippines was the late Corazon Aquino who is the mother of Pilippines Democracy.

Explain: POLO


PS: Guys pls improve this because I wont be around tomorrow, If naa pud mo new ideas better than this one kato nalang buhata ninyo just infom me what to do on Wednesday. Ang mga 2 secnes kaya ng old ug new nga gichange ni YE, sa old mao na memorize ang libro while ang new mao na nga try to structure the learning by not following the long contents sa books .

Then kung naa mo madungag for revision ingna lang pod ko ninyo my number is 09072219022 or email me at

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