Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Hot Seat

I have written a blog about the summon I received from the barangay regarding a child support.

The day came where I need to face them(her family) regarding my son.

I was in a hot seat indeed, I was anxious that day even I faced them with my parents.

I was so thankful that both parties were calm and we agreed to give 10, 000 PHP for two months as support, I felt embarrassed because its not me who's gonna give it but my parents.

They demanded I mean her father for a wedding which is very impossible but I agreed to have 2 months to discern about it.

I'm in the process of discenrning but I am very sure that my answer would be no, and I believe that my son's mom would also say no. Our concern is for our son not us.

I prayed so hard earlier when I attended a mass to enlighten me and them on this matter. I know what I want, who I love more, my wifey, and I know that she will be with me all throghout this adversity and challenge. I hope that all thats going to happen will be for the best for all of us, me and wifey, my son, the mother of my son and everyone involved.

Until now I am not okay I feel so fragile and stressed.

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