Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Drug Addiction Script

In one school, the LGU headed by the Sangguniang Kabataan Conducts a symposia regarding the legal and medical consequence of drugs.

Assuming that there a lot of Students in one National High School.


One police:
One Doctor:
One Addict before who will share his drug addiction story:
One has to act as an EMCEE:

MC: Students, to the employees, faculty and staff, ladies and gentlemen, Good Afternoon! We are indeed very lucky to have this annual symposia on illegal drugs.We thanks our local Government for this specially our SK Officials. We will have series of speakers who will be talking on the medical, legal and one will share his story on drugs. Without further a do our own Municipal health Officer will be giving us the medical Talk. Lets give him a round of applause.

Doctor: Thank you everyone, and its always nice to see all of your vibrant faces, full of hope and ambitions. My respect to our principal and teachers, maam,sir good morning. My btopic is about drug addiction, so ill be discussing with the very common at you age which is MARYJANE or the marijuana. Who among you here have seen a marijuana, or maryjane?common don't be shy!(no one raises hand except some teachers who confiscated marijuana and some adults)

This is marijuana assuming there is a projector: Cannabis, also known as marijuana is a drug.While many drugs clearly fall into the category of either stimulant, depressant, or hallucinogen, cannabis exhibits a mix of all properties, perhaps leaning the most towards hallucinogen or psychedelic properties, though with other effects quite pronounced as well. Though THC is typically considered the primary active component of the cannabis plant, various scientific studies have suggested that certain other cannabinoids like CBD may also play a significant role in its psychoactive effects.The smoking of cannabis is the most harmful method of consumption, as the inhalation of smoke from organic materials can cause various health problems.[34]

By comparison, studies on the vaporization of cannabis found that subjects were "only 40% as likely to report respiratory symptoms as users who do not vaporize, even when age, sex, cigarette use, and amount of cannabis consumed are controlled.

(note pwede nimo basahun pero kanang murag form of speech.)

MC. Thank you so much doctor: Our next speaker will be our very own chief of police Police inspector Tarpolano.

Police: Thank you everyone since we are running out of time: I will have the presentation shortly.

What is juvenile Justice?

The Juveniles are those children below 18 years old in the Philippines. 18 is the legal age. Now for the students mostly minor in this institution. So if you are caught you will be apprehended by the school and worst you will be charge of criminal act. But because you are minor , as the law provides psychological, emotional debriefing for you. But its not a permit that you can use marijuana. You will still have to undergo community service and worse you will stay in the DSWD for certain days months.

MC: Thank you sir, and now our last speaker will be Danny a drug addict then for his story.

Danny: Hi I am Danny 25 years old. I may look good now in your eyes because of the advocacy that I have joined and the many outreach program that I have attended, but when I was a high school student like you, full of hopes and vibrant energy to cope up with the adversities of life. My dream was to become a lawyer but it all changed the moment a friend introduced me Maryjane, I was wondering Who was Maryjane. Then he gave me a rolled paper like cigarette. I don't want to go every details because I tried to be called “cool” and that I feel belonged. I got addicted to it until all my grades fell like ax. I went home one day so weak and I got a fever, my parents never knew that I was into drugs until the doctor told them because I was hospitalized. Its not only Maryjane whom I met but almost all that made me so dependent with drugs. For 3 years I got addicted and I stopped schooling for two years because they entered me into a rehabilitation center . There I learned about all the negative effects and I picked up my broken pieces and continued studying until I graduated college, passed the board for social work. Now I'm working in DSWD working for children like me before.

Please don't do what I did because its really bad. I almost lost my dream to be a good citizen, to help and share. I was thinking why I got into it, maybe because this will be my mission to convince you not to be in drugs and convince those addict to reform themselves. I Thank my parents who were very supportive with my rehabilitation.


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