Thursday, October 15, 2009


We are together for more than a 2 years now, my wifey.

We have never used contraception.

Things just happened in no timing which we had regrets of what happened.

We were hoping since then to have a baby but until now we have not given, yet we are hoping.

She is delayed in her cycle now and we are hoping that it will push through....her pregnancy.

I have been praying that anytime soon the gift of life will be given to us.

I have a son with my ex which she fully accepted since we started. I am now on the verge of thinking how to earn money for my son (GP), for us (wifey and me)and for my future family (wifey and my kids).

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  1. you certainly believe that there's a timing for everything, right? my wish for you and wifey is that God grants your baby wish by the time you get the job first. as far as He is concerned, there's a baby already, the timing just needs to be clear. that is your first gift to the baby by the time he or she comes out. i hope you agree.


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