Saturday, October 3, 2009

Kahalyan script

We were tasked to have a presentation in one Education subject which the Principles of Teaching.

Its about Sexual Harassment And Drug Addiction.

The first scene will be sexual harassment among teachers and students.

This is the script:

Scene 1:One student got a failing grade in one subject. Her teacher is Mr. Santos warned her about her status. Sheila the student set an appointment with the teacher in a his office.She entered the office and she close the door locked right after stepping into the room. It was late afternoon so lesser people in the campus.

Lady Student: She knocks the door and enter. There was Mr. Santos in his table. "Good Afternoon sir, may I come in" with flirting voice.

Mr. Santos: "Sure, come in and have seat"

Sheila: "Thank you sir" still flirtatious accent

Mr. Santos: "So what can I do for you Sheila?"

Sheila: "I am so worried about my status sir, you know I cant imagine to fail you subject, is there something that we could do to raise my grades to A+++" seducing the teacher.

Mr. Santos: "Sure, there is always a way Ms. Bagaman to raise your grade, you study harder, because you still have the final grading, its your chance.(taking a look at the class record) actually you need to get a final grade of 90 in the exam to pass my subject"

Sheila: "What I mean sir is is there something that we could do to raise my grade?"

Mr. Santos: "Okay I got your point, I'll be giving you a paper work which you will submit over the weekend, Make a research on the Success Stories of ADHD and make your reflection about it"

Sheila: "Will that project sir can raise my grade to A?"

Mr. Santos: " That's impossible Ms.Bagaman, the paper work will only help you pass my subject"

Sheila stands up and goes at the back of Mr. Santos and turned his chair fronting Ms. Bagaman, and almost kneel in the lap of Mr. Santos.

Mr. Santos: "Hey what are you doing Ms. Bagaman" (tulon laway)with a bit of hescitation.

Sheila: "I'm trying to raise my grade but I think I am raising something here"

End of the scene:

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