Thursday, October 1, 2009

Heroism During the Typhoon Ondoy (Ketsana)

Its been a week now since typhoon Ondoy international name Ketsana hit Manila and neighbouring provinces and municipalities.

Very sad and devastating truth for the Filipino people.

The aftermath; many were left homeless, many passed away, many have grieved for their lost, many have lost source of living and many are hungered, some showed heroism and even lost their lives to mention one (Noel Mar Magallanes) who saved many but unfortunate to save his'. These are few of the aftermath. Because of all these, many needed help.

The good thing about this is the unity shown by countrymen to their fellas. Many volunteered for the relief operations,the government tries its best to cater all the needs. The Sagip Kapamilya of ABS-CBN and the Kapuso Foundation.

Many have donated for help like money, used clothing and food packs. Neighbours shared houses.

The spirit of heroism in times of calamity like this is visible which means that Filipinos are kind and generous people.

We can say to the world how proud we are as Filipinos amidst the disaster.


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