Sunday, October 25, 2009

Death Anniversary

Wifey's dad passed away last year and its his first death anniversary.

Wifey went home to her hometown Tagum City where she was born and grew.

She asked Manang Linda our maid to accompany her to her place.

She wanted Nang Linda to help them clean the house.

Day before Oct. 19 they went home together.

I cannot accompany wifey because no one will be home and I will be attending a semester end party in the afternoon.

That was Oct. 19 the death anniversary, I drove all by myself to their house in Tagum, It was very unfortunate because I was not able to attend the prayer in the cemetery also the prayer at home.

I arrived so late, as they say "better late than never".
When I got there, it was very timely because dinner was laready served.

After the dinner we went somewhere to have some drinks with wifey's friend Cheryl Wiser.( I'll be disclosing in my next bloog why thy name).

We had some drinks at C5 Tagum.

The place was very similar to C5s in Davao City.

The difference was the people around. They were lesser in terms of sophistication.

The night was cool and we went home after we dropped Che at her sisters house.

We arrived in wifey's house at around 1 AM.

Ai was still awake wehen we got home.(wifey's elder sister)

I had some nightmare. Very violent nightmare which scared me a lot.

I woke up around 3 AM because of the volently scary nighmare. I woke up wfey because i wanna pee and i won't deny the fact that i'm scared in their house, i asked here to accompany me to the CR.

We woke up late.

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