Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Arguing with my Teacher

We had a demo teaching thou I already knew about the processes of teaching but I have never taught any class aside fro the typical reporting.

Our group was the first to have a demo teaching earlier today.

My part was the daily routine in a typical classroom.

I started the demo with a prayer and checking of the attendance and had some chit chat regarding national issues.

Assuming that I had a class discussion regarding phonetics like the short and long "a" articulation or for some pronunciation, I had a short review and asked the whole class to pronounce as I pointed each word.

The calss responded positively and I ended it by saying "Teacher Michelle will be introducing new topic which is adjectives and the the various forms of adjectives.

After a while we finished the demo teaching and the ctriticing started the teacher ointed some lapses on our part. I accepted some of it not until the said "Why was it that the active review of Mr. Makisig did not appear in the objectives and blahblah"

I raised my hand to reason out about it but the teacher said "don't reason out"

My senses rised and my temper almost bursted saying " No no maam, I'd like to clarify that the review would necessarily be in the objectives.

She insisted" no the one written in the "objective" is another topic."

I argued firther "our objective is about adjectives and the review has its own objectives when it was discussed"

She lost in arguing beacuse my voice ws above hers. But she said "see your lesson plan"

I sat beside her and verify what she was talking about and shame on me, she was right but she was wrong when she said "objectives" instead of lesson plan.

"sorry" I said and she accepted it.

Thank God.

The next class with her another subject, she was nice and infact I told her that I will be absent on friday and I made a script for our group presentation, she okeyed.

" What are the possibilities of failing maam"

"Don't worry you are not failing"


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  1. hey......bad yan...shame on you maoting


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