Sunday, October 25, 2009

Cherryl Wiser?

Cherryl Wiser for short is Che.

She was with us last time we were in Tagum to celebrate wifey's dad's death anniversary.

That night, we had some drink at C5 Tagum. As I mentioned in my previous blog.

We had several bottles of beer, Cherryl was telling her bloopers in call center where she is presently employed.

She is now a sales agent for at&t which is based only in Los Angeles, CA.

She calls customer to purchase or extend their contract with the company in exchange for new phone for free.

Then she got a call, and she was reading all the script which is very verbatim.

One customer she called was frustrated with her accent and the service too.

The customer asked for her name.

Customer: "What is your name?"
Che: "Cherryl sir."
Customer: "Your last name?"
Che: "Why sir?"
Customer: "Why sir? OH I see Wiser."

Che was confused on what the customer was telling about her name.

Customer: "Oh I see, Cherryl Wiser (irate) I would like to talk to your supervisor."

Cherryl: "Without hesitation dropped the call."

Another blooper of Cherryl Wiser. She actually asked what the customer meant.

While she was delivering her script the customer asked.

Customer: "I would like you to put me off from this phone"
Che: "sure" then she continued reading the script.

Customer: "I would like you to put me off from this phone" for the second time.
Che: "its okey sir I can actually give you a free phone"

Customer: " for the third time I would like you to put me off from this phone, this is bullshit, because you cannot understand simple fuckin english, give me your manager"

Che: "Okay bye" she was confident telling bye but the truth was she really did not understand what the customer meant.

LOL, that's why she asked me. As I understood it, it was simply ending the call, but it was absurd because the customer can end the call by himself.

Hilarious isn't it?

I was also in a Call Centre Industry several times. This type of call made my every shifts toxic yet funny.


  1. hahahahahahahahaha

  2. Yes it is really funny but it happened. Sometimes people are weird.


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