Sunday, October 18, 2009

Killing The Time

It is a nature of us Filipinos to have many activities which would consume our spare time.

Karaoke singing which we share most of the time with our fellas, friends, relatives and families is one.

Going somewhere in the midst of nature like fresh water resorts, beaches, forests and the likes, which are very ideal celebrations of nature with friends and love ones.

I have done mostly of the typical things that we Pinoy enjoyed during leisure time.

I have just known how to play the so called "TONG-ITS".

Nang Linda taught me how.

Zone, Special, with same characters. One has to have thirteen cards and the other/s twelve.

Since las tweek I spent sleepless nights just to play this card game together with dad's buddies and wifey.

So, I have added this as an avenue to kill time.(superficially killing the time)

I have gone through the semester end party at the Forest Hills in bangkal, davao City.

I have noticed people in our neighbour cottage were playing "TONG-ITS"

I don't know why it is called as such, but one thing is clear.....

It is a way to spend leisure hours.

while playing "tong-its"

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  1. I spend my leisure time eating new food that I haven't tasted before.


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