Thursday, October 15, 2009

New Old Maid

Linda is her name.

When I was still in college taking my first course in Ateneo, Linda was our maid.

That was when my younger brother John was also here studying.

That was when I got home always drunk.

That was when i had several women to bring home.

That was when she always asked me "another girl"

One after the other,

And that was then, after she left and her grandson took over for more than a year Weng.

Those were my foolish days before I met wifey.

Now, after Weng left the house she (Linda) again took over after the death of her husband 3 months ago of complication.

She is now 59 and still vibrat thou I have noticed she is still grieving for the lost.

Here is Nang Linda.

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