Wednesday, October 7, 2009

ROSE RED series

Wifey and me watched the series in 2 nights. A total of 25 videos.

Each video composed of 8-10 minutes a total of 250 minutes or more or less 4 hours.

Rose Red is written by Stephen King a popular author. The story was about Rose Red a dead cell.

I was thinking if what or who is Rose Red.

A house was constructed in 1900 and until now its is not considered finished.

There were a lot of story versions. Like it is taking souls of its victims and be part of the house. Ellen Limbowell for me is the Rose Red. She broke the heart of all the people she got because her heart was also broken. She vanished without any explanation and so with the other ladies. And the guys were mostly seen dead after a suicide or murdered.

There was a Psychic Professor who made a research about Rose Red, and she organized a group of Psychic to wake the dormant cell of Rose Red.

At the end her soul was also taken by Rose red and some of the team. Several characters survived.

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