Monday, July 27, 2009

9th Sona ni GMA text

PGMA 9th Sona nakinig ako eto ang ilan sa mga nakuha kong linya.
(some are not the exact words)
Thanks you, ladies nd gentlemen good afternoon.
Before I proceed join me for prayer for pres aquino.
Global crisis in 2008 Global recession. The country is still intact,resiliance of economy.
Good for our people bad news for our critics
I did not become pres to be popular but to lead and serve the people.
!st world in 20 years, puting people first, tulungan ang masisispag na karaniwang pilipino.
Better healtcare, roads, housing etc.
Magsasaka ang backbone ng bansa.
Bigyan sila ng modern gamit to feed nation and the family
Thank you congress for standing with me.
Strong and better revenues, given the high eras of LGU because of high collection.
More and better infra , finished unfinished infra.
Upgraded domestic airports, seaports,
philippine transport security law
Politics after my speech sorry but theres more work to do
Telecom inatasan to work on the graft pools and loads sa cps.
We need to ammend the commonwealth era public service law
Strong electronics, bpo and tourism as additional engines of growth, electronis rises and fall, but bpo ay resilient, Bpo eloquently speak sof competency
Department of ICT to be created
Tourism doubled in two years,
Protect people finacial sytem best in the west failed to anticipate, they gave the resourses to extend welfare support
Cash hand outs, 7hundred thousand pantawid pamilya program.
Priorit project , on long term contribution , namahagi ng carp, namigay ng lupa.
Asked congress ang pagpapalawig ng carp
Dapat macondome 22 billion na land reform liabilities dahil 18 % lang ang nabayaran.
Emancipate ang titulo.
Emergency employement ng economic resiliency plan
Gigi gaviola, household service sa dubai, work in dole now.
1 million family bahay at lupa.certificate of house awards
Inflation is the lowest in 1966 dropped to o1.5 percent
Lowered cost to business and consumers, bigas 18.25 perkilo rice shortage.napataas ang bili ng palay sa magasasaka
Farm to market roads, natubigan ang 2 has.
Badjao, tarnate danaue., tinuruan ng modern my culture.
Fisherfolk to shift to fish faming
Gutom na family, mamuhunan ng hunger mitigation program.
From 2001 gamot half price sa botika sa brgy. Bayan
Pharmaceutical comp to come up with low price med.supported over the weak version of critics
Maxium reatil price
For the aspiring president If you want something hard, try hard, pussyput don’t say badwords in public…si mar ba tinira dito? Im not sure, if its him
Upang bahay,may 1 year moratorium 7% lang ang icrease
Lat year 5oo pesos 7 million houses para sa electric users,..apera-epera
All brgs mostly have kurinte, public depbt to gdp
Malaking kaaway na tinalo ay utang sa labas.
Free market not free for all.
Bsp has included special purpose vehicle act, securitization law is not making it
Revenue enhancement,bir custom spot those cheats ,,
Tax alcohol and tobacco,
Buwis sa allak at sigarilyo sa educ, health philheath premiums sa mahihirap.
Self imagined threat, scared of their own shadows

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