Tuesday, July 28, 2009

9th SONA of Gloria Arroyo Reaction

This is my first time to be writing on the observations I have. I am not from the media nor from the political groups. The SONA of PGMA yesterday talked about the accomplishments of the past years, the continuing projects and the proposals/plans. It’s nice to hear all those reports, but many people are still not satisfied with her. SONA is not felt by many, the question should be WHY? Why is it so? I think it is because of the kind of people we are, the kind of discipline we have, the kind of media we have, the political behavior we have, the kind of church we have and the kind of society we are. These people who are complaining should have a change in oneself. Have they come to think of they have done for the society? Have they come to think of their contributions to uplift the kind of living these Filipinos have? And to those people complaining that they have not experienced development with GMA have they come to think on the kind of discipline that they have? They are the people who have lots of children to feed, and they have no work? Then they would say that GMA keeps on talking about the thousands of employment and yet they’re not getting one? Why is it so? Because they are not qualified for the job. It was clearly stated by Gloria yesterday that the employment generating companies are from the BPO and that of the tourism industry. Another question, why are they not qualified? Because they do not have education and very poor English to qualify for BPO, I must admit that English proficiency in the Philippines is deteriorating and even this entry would not be saved for grammar critics. English teachers should have a refresher course for English language. And I am expecting that the SONA would be soon implemented on the Education plans. In this case many can be qualified for BPO industry and other fields if education system is restructured. Another problem would be the intervention of the church with family planning, the use of contraceptives and the like. Population in the Philippines is getting higher, that’s why we need to have a strong family planning programs. It’s not about abortion it’s just contraception. Furthermore, the church should establish a moral recovery program starting with kids and even adults; in this case they can also refresh the moral condition of the society. Moral behavior of the people is important to have conscience every time they corrupt, kill people, kidnap, PMS, abortion and many others. The church is important in guiding the people as well as the government; they should not dictate the people on when to end a particular government and worse the administration of Arroyo, instead make a change on the moral behavior of the people to change and to pray. We determine the kind of society we are. So don’t always blame the government for all these mess.
Another influential institution is the media; they should be fair enough in reporting. I have observed that some broadcasters in kapamilya and the kapuso stations are very anti government. They always blame the government. Is it healthy? I’d like to name them but I prefer not to name drop. Please media people, its okay to deliver news but don’t ever make a statement on TV which will be very bias for any party.

Regarding the CON_ASS this involves our prominent names in politics in both houses, senate and Representatives. I am okay with CON-ASS because some senators are useless; they only came out with scandals etc. And also it fastens the approval of any law. Imagine it takes many years to pass a single law because it will pass in both houses. Time consuming, isn’t it? CON-ASS is not about extending GMA’s term of office, but rather to create a unicameral government with only one house the House of Representative. Theses senators that e have can run in their respective districts. So with GMA in her district in Pampanga. That’s her right, so the dilemma is that many would not want GMA to win in Pampanga but its her right, we can’t halt her from winning nor losing, that’s beyond our control as voters of another districts respectively. So the winner in all districts in the Philippines should be thinking on whom to vote for PM if GMA will win in Pampanga. So in the forthcoming elections choose wisely your congressmen. Okay! Exercise your right of suffrage. Don’t just murmur and criticize, do your responsibility as Filipino to vote wisely for people.

My points here are simple, change the political and moral behavior of the people, and educate people properly specially with the Education system with the help of institutions such as churches, schools, government agencies, NGOs etc. Of course these changes have to be coupled with self submission to change. Lastly don’t always blame the government and don’t say bad words in the net.


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