Thursday, July 2, 2009


the art of my nudity
stand a s a silhouette of a man’s nakednesswith nothing on,
except for my barenessyour eyes can see everything i ownnothing left for me to hide,
nothing to cover on.

i walk in boldness, nothing to hideim proud of myself,
nothing to be shyi walk in nudity, come observe me closelyyou see..

i got flaws ans scars, yet i dont worry
i dont worry, bcoz i know you’ll accept mei dont worry, bcoz i know you’ll understandi dont worry, bcoz im just humanjust like you, imperfect and capable of makingmistakes
yet i dont care of what you’ll sayi dont care if you wont like mei dont care if you wont accept meits not my problem anyway…..

for all i know is that im happyi may have flaws not its not your businessi have limitations and i accept iti have flaws, i know, but i’ll live with it
you can laugh at me, judge and tell it to anybodybut amen i say to you, i dont care in what you’ll doim proud to show everyone my scarsnot like you… always hiding it behind bars….
dont you wish to live one day free of fear?dont you wish to live out of paranoia?dont you wish to live out of misery?fear…paranoia..misery.. of hiding your flaws andscars aside…
dont you want to live a life the way you want it?dont you want to live the person you really are?dont you want to enjoy the life you you choose?i know you want to….. so come take my hand andwalk with me in NUDITY…..

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