Saturday, July 25, 2009

"TKO" Gay Robber

I so happened to witness the agony of a thief last night.I was the cashier yesterday in my moms store we closed like 8pm last night. I ordered our maid at the same time cook to buy us bbq and raw fish for dinner.

After dinner I took shower, my bro told me that he bought something to drink and so we had a bonding.Juan Meo and Den were already drunk when we started drinking, about 3 hours after, around 1 AM one of the guards went home in a hurry and told us that my moms grocery was in trouble, a stranger(thief) went inside to rob and they caught the robber.

That was 30 mins after our internet shop closed. We rushed to the store immediately together with meo juan and my brother john. I saw meo making the guy a punching bag. He was about my age.

My GF sheila followed, and we went to the police station and reported the incident. The police officers immediately responded and they brought the thief to the station and we followed there they were mocking the suspect and so I came and gave one full punch right above the eye.

They were shocked when the guy fell like a TKO in boxing. There I saw all the things he stole like the watches, polo shirts, sim packs and many others. I filed a police report ,now he is in jail.

Gays who used to chat in my brother's cafe went also at the police station because they have heard of the news that this thief is gay. And they also shouted "kawatan".He was mocked by them.

I have heard that the respondent now is out of jail, waiting for the sub peona (i dont know if my spelling is right.) for the arrest warrant so happened also that he is a long distant relative....

sorry, i cannot post any pics.....was not in my mind to take some shots......


  1. pinsan ka ta ni pacman bonsai......

    nakakahiya naman yung magnanakaw na yun

  2. i was shocked when i saw hubby punched that thief.TKO.


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