Thursday, July 2, 2009

Dear Thanks

Dear Thanks,

Thank you for being there when i needed you,

Thank you for appreciating the nice things ive done.

Thanks for the happy moment we shared, memories i treasure forever.

Thank you for reminding me everytime you see my lapses,and greed, thus would make me better and pro human.

Thank you for giving me a wonderful family, friends and partner in life, they guided me well and will be making me strong through the years.

Thank you for the moments i failed , for i now, I know those were there to make me realize my faults and be doing better next time.

Above all thanks, Thank you God for being the center of my life, for without you i could have been wasted.



  1. cool,,,,,,,you love to get aked huh?

  2. very nice naman ang poem na ito.....

    ive printed this and i brought sa office pinabasa ko sa mga colleagues ko and they love it....

    sabi nila galing naman ni bonsai

  3. galing mo naman original moba ito?

    i like it very meaning ful

  4. salamat dominico and beergin nagcomment kau,

    yes original ko itong ginawa.


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